Soul of the Artisan

Nuna Awaq means “Soul of the Artisan” and is an initiative that rises from the passion and admiration towards the Peruvian Artisan's handcrafted work and textiles. It aims, in a sustainable and socially responsible way, to revalue their work and be able to give them opportunities of development.

the Artisan’s

Our mission is to be a platform of empowerment for artisans from different communities in Peru, allowing them to improve their quality of life by promoting their textiles, training them, supporting their sustainable work and creating new work opportunities.

By establishing public-private partnerships, we want to help create a fair work environment and better opportunities for our artisan.


Our goal is to become a non-profit organization that supports and raises awareness for the Peruvian artisan weaving culture.

Nuna Awaq would also be the first platform where different
designers and brands could exchange information with the
artisans and collaborate with them on fair trade.

By 2022 we aim to have our first Nuna Awaq institute in the core of the mountains in Chinchero, Peru. There, artisans will have a proper space to work and be provided the materials and training necessary to be able to get certified by the ministry of employment. This certification works as what we know as a master’s degree, improving their quality of life by allowing artisans to receive fair compensation for their work.

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