To be a platform of empowerment for artisans of the different communities in Peru, allowing them to improve their quality of life by spreading their textiles, training them, supporting their sustainable work and creating new work opportunities. To Establishing alliances with public and private entities to help create a fair work environment and better and more opportunities for
our artisans. Through the unique and luxurious sustainable fashion proposals showed, elevate the international recognition of our ancestral textile legacy and encourage the use of Peruvian textile materials. Represent and promote conscious consumerism,
as well as the socially responsible use of fashion, recognizing everyone involved in the process.

Considering that the fashion industry as one of the most polluting industries in the world, it’s strong social and cultural impact, and following the investigation about our ancestral textile legacy and the artisans struggling to preserve it, we create innovative and unique luxury sustainable home decor.

These unique pieces aim to revalue and empower the artisans, allowing them to achieve a better quality of life as well as preserving their cultural textile art. Moreover, we seek to raise awareness about responsible practices, without leaving aside the compromise with our stakeholders during the process of design and making.

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